02 August 2014


KERALA POLICE SI TEST 2014 ANSWER KEY, Kerala PSC Uniformed Forces (474/2012, 421/2013, 253/2014 to 260/2014) in Kerala Police Answer Keys  02-08-2014. Exam conducted on : 02-08-2014.

Code : ACode : BCode : CCode : D
1. B1. C1. No. Ans.1. A
2. C2. C2. B2. D
3. D3. D3. C3. D
4. B4. C4. B4. C
5. A5. C5. A5. D
6. C6. No. Ans.6. A6. B
7. C7. B7. D7. C
8. D8. C8. D8. D
9. C9. B9. C9. B
10. C10. A10. D10. A
11. No. Ans.11. A11. B11. C
12. B12. D12. C12. C
13. C13. D13. D13. D
14. B14. C14. B14. C
15. A15. D15. A15. C
16. A16. B16. C16. No. Ans.
17. D17. C17. C17. B
18. D18. D18. D18. C
19. C19. B19. C19. B
20. D20. A20. C20. A
21. A21. B21. A21. C
22. D22. D22. D22. Wrong.Q.
23. C23. B23. C23. A
24. B24. A24. Wrong Qn.24. D
25. D25. D25. A25. C
26. B26. C26. D26. B
27. A27. Wrng Qn27. C27. D
28. D28. A28. B28. B
29. C29. D29. D29. A
30. Wrong.Q.30. C30. B30. D
31. D31. C31. A31. D
32. C32. D32. C32. A
33. D33. B33. D33. D
34. C34. A34. A34. C
35. D35. C35. D35. D
36. B36. D36. C36. C
37. A37. A37. D37. D
38. C38. D38. C38. B
39. D39. C39. D39. A
40. A40. D40. B40. C
41. B41. C41. C41. A
42. D42. A42. B42. C
43. D43. D43. A43. B
44. C44. C44. C44. D
45. A45. B45. B45. D
46. D46. A46. D46. C
47. C47. C47. D47. A
48. B48. B48. C48. D
49. A49. D49. A49. C
50. C50. D50. D50. B
51. A51. B51. B51. A
52. C52. B52. A52. NO. Ans.
53. B53. C53. A53. A
54. B54. B54. No. Ans.54. C
55. B55. A55. A55. B
56. C56. A56. C56. B
57. B57. No. Ans.57. B57. B
58. A58. A58. B58. C
59. A59. C59. B59. B
60. No.Ans.60. B60. C60. A
61. C61. A61. B61. C
62. D62. D62. C62. A
63. B63. D63. C63. C
64. A64. B64. A64. D
65. D65. C65. C65. B
66. D66. C66. D66. A
67. B67. A67. B67. D
68. C68. C68. A68. D
69. C69. D69. D69. B
70. A70. B70. D70. C
71. C71. A71. B71. A
72. B72. C72. B72. D
73. A73. C73. A73. C
74. A74. B74. D74. B
75. C75. B75. C75. A
76. C76. A76. B76. A
77. B77. D77. A77. C
78. B78. C78. A78. C
79. A79. B79. C79. B
80. D80. A80. C80. B
81. D81. C81. B81. D
82. B82. A82. D82. A
83. A83. A83. D83. D
84. C84. B84. A84. B
85. A85. D85. D85. A
86. A86. D86. B86. C
87. B87. A87. A87. A
88. D88. D88. C88. A
89. D89. B89. A89. B
90. A90. A90. A90. D
91. C91. B91. C91. A
92. A92. C92. C92. C
93. B93. A93. A93. C
94. B94. C94. C94. A
95. C95. C95. C95. B
96. A96. A96. A96. D
97. C97. C97. B97. C
98. C98. C98. B98. A
99. A99. A99. C99. C

15 July 2013

Disability Leave - Kerala Government Employees

       Disability Leave.R. 97

This leave is granted to an officer who is disabled by injury intentionally inflicted or caused
in or in consequence of due performance of his official duties or in consequence of his 
official position.  It shall not be granted unless the disability manifests itself within three
 months of the occurrence to which it is attributed and the person disabled acts with 
due promptitude in bringing it to the notice of the sanctioning authority with the support of MC.
The Maximum period is 24 months for one disability.
This can be combined with other kind of leave.
Leave Salary: For the first four months at the rate of EL salary and for the remaining 
period at the rate of salary for HPL. R. 104.

Maternity Leave - Kerala Government Employees

Maternity Leave R.100, 101 & 102
From 25-11-1998 this leave is granted to female Government Servants on full pay for a maximum 
period of 135 days R.100.
Female recruits through PSC who join duty within 135 days from their date of delivery (other than on 
account of miscarriage) shall, on joining, be granted from the next day the balance of M/L 
admissible as on the date of joining duty subject to the following conditions.
    1. Holidays/Vacation falling immediately after the date of joining service cannot be 
      prefixed to the leave.
    2. A certificate from the medical officer who attend the delivery showing the date of 
      delivery along with medical certificate of health as prescribed in Rule 13 Part I 
      KSRs should be produced.
This is also granted in the case of miscarriage including abortion for a period not exceeding six weeks. R. 101.
This leave can be combined with any other kind of leave and MC is not necessary for such
 leave not exceeding 60 days in continuation.  LWA without MC upto 60 days will be counted for 
granting increment.  R. 102.  Leave salary as admissible for EL under R.92.

GPF Credit Card or GPF Annual Account Statements 2013

GPF Credit Card or GPF Annual Account Statements 2013

GPF Credit Card or GPF Annual Account Statements 2013 will be published by the 2nd week of June 2013. For downloading the latest GPF credit cards please click the link below or visit GPF Credit card tab in this web site.